Ambix Intraport

Z019697 Agilia VP MC Non Wi-fi

Agilia connect VP MC

The new generation of Volumetric Infusion pump

Product Features

Flow rate:0.1-1500 ml/h, Flow rate can be limited according to drug name
Flow rate accuracy: +/- 5% and even better in most clinical situations

Infusion Modes:

  • ml/h mode, Volume + Flow rate, Volume + time, Flow rate + time, Volume + time + Rate, Ramp-up / Ramp-down, Sequential / Intermittent, Secondary / Piggyback
  • Dose rate modes: Dose units: ng/h, ng/kg/min, ng/kg/h, μg/min, μg/h, μg/kg/min, μg/kg/h, mg/min, mg/h, mg/24h, mg/kg/min, mg/kg/h, mg/kg/24h, mg/m²/h, mg/m²/24h, g/h, g/kg/min, g/kg/h, g/kg/24h, mmol/h, mmol/kg/h, mmol/kg/24h, mU/min, mU/kg/min, mU/kg/h, U/min, U/h, U/kg/min, U/kg/h, kcal/h, kcal/24h, kcal/kg/h, mEq/min, mEq/h, mEq/kg/min, mEq/kg/h, mL/kg/24h, mL/kg/h.

Infusion OCS Patent:

  • The Occlusivity Check System is the only auto-test to check the good working order of the pump in association with its set and thus preventing risk of free-flow

Bolus: 1500 ml/h Adjustable from 50mL/h to 1500 mL /h by 50mL/h increments Direct or Programmable
Programming Modes:

  • No drug name: Infusion without any display of the drug names
  • Drug Labelling: Infusion with the drug names displayed
  • Agilia Vigilant Drug Lib: the secured IV administration mode by soft and hard limit

2 Pressure Modes:

  • Variable or 3 pre-set levels –Range from 50 – 750mmHg.


  • The Dynamic Pressure System - DPS - warns of pressure variations. A risk of obstruction or a possible leak in the infusion line can thus be anticipated

Dimension (H/W/D) / Weight: 1135 X 190 X 170 mm / ~ 2 kg.

Battery: Li-ion Smart Battery, Battery life (when fully charged): >8 h at 125ml/h
Power supply: 100V – 240V ~50/60Hz with functional earth